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Below you will find some of St. Nick's favorite books about himself and the spirit of Christmas giving.    He is soooo busy lately, however he wants you to be able to easily get these (and other) books for yourself, so he's set up a site in association with Amazon.com to help you get the books you want at 10 to 30% off the publisher's price.  All books are sold with the Amazon.com money-back guarantee.  Payment may be handled by credit card or by telephone, and books are all shipped Priority Mail.

Amazon.com will also gift wrap, allow gift messages to be added, and ship products anywhere in the world. Shopping for great gifts at Amazon.com is convenient, fun, and fast!

Although these are some of St. Nick's personal favorites, there is also a search engine at the bottom of this page so that you can find exactly what you're looking for.  Simply click on the book cover to see more or to purchase.

arthur.gif (7641 bytes) Arthur's Christmas
by Marc Tolon Brown

Time is running out for buying the perfect gift for Santa. Arthur has to think fast--and his little sister even faster! (Ages 4-8)

virginia.gif (8241 bytes) Yes, Virginia, There Is a Santa Claus
by Francis Pharcellus Church

A beautifully illustrated gift edition based on the legendary letter and essay that appeared in 1897 in The New York Sun. That letter and its editorial response have become a Christmastime legend.  Little did F.P. Church know back in 1897 that his response would come to stand for the affirmation of all the joy and magic of the holiday season. 2-color throughout.

101.gif (9118 bytes) 101 Questions About Santa Claus
by Robert E. Litak, Christine Hilt Muehlenberg

Here's the answers to those tough questions about Santa! "Will Santa always bring what I ask for?", "How are Santa's reindeer able to fly?", "How does Santa visit the whole world in one night?" Santa answers these common questions (for him) and many more in this book.  The questions are answered so children no matter how old 3 to 99 could understand the answer from Santa himself. It's a quick read book that can be picked up and read a page or two at a time. Many answers are funny others make one stop and really think about it. Good book for a gift for all ages

santabio.gif (7365 bytes) The Autobiography of Santa Claus : It's Better to Give
by Jeff Guinn

This enchanting story of St. Nicholas is based on historical facts and laced with the magic of legend told from the perspective of Santa himself. Filled with details of Nicholas's life, the beginnings of his gift giving, the expansion of his holiday calling, and more, this book is for everyone who loves the year's most special holiday.

flight.gif (7392 bytes) Flight of the Reindeer :
The True Story of Santa Claus and His Christmas Mission

by Robert Sullivan

Lest you think that Christmas is just a sentimental commercial venture perpetuated by misguided Victorian-era worshippers, Flight of the Reindeer offers proof positive that there is a Santa Claus and yes, reindeer really do know how to fly. Robert Sullivan, a senior editor at Life magazine, diligently gathered documentation from respected scientists, historians, zoologists, and Arctic explorers to prove once and for all that Santa is not just a myth. The gorgeous illustrations, convincing photos, and smoothly written text make this book an ideal gift for children who are teetering on the edge of nonbelief and an even better one for grownups who long ago gave up hope.

listbook.gif (12623 bytes) Santa's Book of Names
by David M. McPhail

When Edward has trouble learning to read, his teacher urges tests but his mother counsels "Patience."  Then, in Edward's house on Christmas Eve, Santa accidentally drops the all- important book listing the gifts children will receive--and when Edward catches up with him to give it back, Santa invites him to come along to help. Since Edward can't read, he just holds the book and turns pages. But when Santa's glasses tumble into the sea, Edward realizes he must try to read--and finds he can. Appropriately, the last gift is a book for Edward, which he reads all by himself on Christmas morning. The novel twist on the popular scenario makes a sweet story that's sure to be a hit, especially with McPhail's cozy illustrations of Edward's home and a traditional Santa. (Picture book. 4-8)

story.gif (11317 bytes) A Christmas Story, a true story
by Jay Frankston

For 12 years the author played Santa Claus anonymously in New York City in response to letters from needy children addressed simply to Santa Claus, North Pole. This is the story of these children and the anonymous man in the red suit. It will make you laugh. It will make you cry. It will make you feel good.  This little book reflects the true spirit of Christmas carried to the poor neighborhoods of N.Y.C., to children whose impoverished lives were made a little brighter by this stranger in a white beard.  It's a treasure.  The book was condensed in Readers Digest.

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