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St.Nick Flies His Sleigh Through The Night

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Choose Your Favorite Christmas Carol

Hello Parents and Children!
elcome to St.Nick's Place, Santa's Home on the Internet.

Christmas is coming soon, so I sure hope you're being really good.  I'm making a list and checking it twice, and when Christmas gets here, I'll know who's been naughty or nice.  I've been really busy with my elves making toys for little boys and girls all around the world.  While you're waiting for me to come see you on Christmas eve, I have some fun things for you to do here.>

First of all, you can Send St. Nick A Letter to tell me what you want for Christmas this year.

If you want to know more about me, I have a place where you can learn about the interesting History Of St.Nick.

And if you're wondering if St. Nick is real, go to Do You Believe and see what was written about me in the newspapers many years ago. 

Then you can check out Twas The Night Before Christmas to see what a visit from St. Nick is like.

For a thoughtful challenge, I have two cool puzzles: St. Nick's Sliding Puzzle and St. Nick's Wordsearch Puzzle

Or you can test your arcade skills with these six fun Holiday games. (They open in their own window, so turn off your pop up blocker if you have one.)

This game opens in a new window.
Freeze your enemies
with your water gun.
This game opens in a new window.
Help Santa Claus
collect the presents.
This game opens in a new window.
Catapult polar animals
 as far as you can.
This game opens in a new window.
Blast through colorful
Ball Walls to clear a path.
This game opens in a new window.
Push all the ice blocks
into the yellow holes.
This game opens in a new window.
Amazing 3D
snowboarding game.

If you're in the mood for some reading, take a look at St. Nick's Favorite Books.

You will also notice that each page has a place to select and play your favorite Christmas carols.  If you like to sing along with the music, the words to the songs will display for each song as it plays.

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St.Nick's Sliding Puzzle Game | St.Nick's Wordsearch Game
The History of St.Nick | Send A Letter To St. Nick | Do You Believe?
'Twas The Night Before Christmas | St. Nick's Favorite Books
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