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Choose Your Favorite Christmas Carol

Welcome to Santa's Email Center.

anicmouse.gif (8818 bytes)My name is Jon Jon, and I'm the Postmaster mouse that St. Nick assigned to this Email Center.  I sure hope you were good this year and got what you asked for.  If you were good and didn't get everything you wanted, just remember that St. Nick is magic and sometimes knows better then you do what is best for you.  Never forget that St. Nick loves you very much, and always wants to bring you the best toys and gifts.  nortpole.gif (5048 bytes)

Now that you have been visited by St.Nick, it's time to send him a thank you letter telling him how much you like the "special" toy he brought you.   Because of the heavy mail that St. Nick gets at the North Pole every year, he is using the Internet as much as possible now to accept email from the children of the world.  As you can imagine, St. Nick is very tired after his very busy Christmas eve, however he does read and answer each of his letters.  As St. Nick gets your letter, he will magically send you back a reply, almost in the blink of an eye, so look in your mailbox soon!   Christmas magic is very powerful.

In order to send a letter to St. Nick, you must first have an adult's help and permission.  So go and get an adult right now, and ask him or her to come and help you write your letter to St. Nick.

A NOTE TO PARENTS AND TEACHERS:  This site is totally free and simply helps your child to send an email to St. Nick with all letters being copied to you.  We hope that you'll use this opportunity to spend some quality time with your child(ren) as you help guide him/her/them towards selecting gifts that would be acceptable in your household and to their particular needs.  In this way, you can help St. Nick provide the best possible gifts. All email addresses and information is kept private.

Send A Thank You Letter To St. Nick

My First Name is:
I am a:
My age is:
City & State:
This year I
promise to be:
My E-Mail
(Make sure it's right.)
My Father or
Mother's name is:
My Parent's
Email Address is:
(Make sure it's right.)
Dear St. Nick,
     I know you can't always get me everything I want, but I'm sure
you did your best for me.  I'll be sure to be good over the next year
so when you check your list again, you'll bring me what I want for
next Christmas morning.

Thank you so much for bringing me:

(Favorite Gift)
Tell St. Nick
something nice
about your
When you are done with your letter to St. Nick,
simply press the "Send to Santa" button and it will be sent to him.
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